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Mains Gas and LPG Boiler Replacement Scheme 

There is funding available for replacing your old broken/inefficient MAINS GAS or LPG BOILER, in some cases it will be completely free of charge. Please see the table below to find out if you are eligable for funding under the Affordable Warmth Scheme : 

Do you receive any of the following Qualifying Benefits? 

If you feel that you meet any of the criteria below, then please get in touch and someone will contact you to arrange a survey of your property. 
1. Pension Guarantee Credit 
2. Income Related Job Seekers Allowance 
3. Income Support 
4. Income Based Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) 
5. Child Tax Credit and/or Working Tax Credit* (SEE INCOME THRESHOLD TABLE BELOW) 
*Example - A household composed of 2 adults and 2 children on Child and/or Working Tax Credit would need to have an earned income of no more than £28,200 per annum (please do not include your income from Tax Credits in this earned figure) 
Household Composition 
Tax Credit Recipient's 
Annual Gross Income 
Universal Credit Recipient's 
Net Monthly income 
1 Adult 
and 1 Child 
and 2 Children 
and 3 Children 
and 4+ Children 
2 Adults 
and 1 Child 
and 2 Children 
and 3 Children 
and 4+ Children 

Please note : A Free Boiler Is Always Subject To Survey. 

The level of funding you will receive is based on the style of your property. If it cannot be replaced for free the likelyhood is that you'll still get the majority funded but you may need to pay a small contribution towards the cost of install. You may also still qualify for funding even if you're not on benefits but have somebody residing at the property that does meet the criteria set out above, i.e. if you are the homeowner and not in receipt of any benefits but you have an elderly relative that lives with you on a full time basis that's in receipt of Pension Credit Gurantee. Please get in touch to find out more. 
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